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RM (BTS), Little Simz - Domodachi

RM (BTS), Little Simz - Domodachi
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  • Длительность: 03:05
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  • Опубликовано: 2024-05-24 08:56:17
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Текст песни

Текст песни RM (BTS), Little Simz - Domodachi

Mufuckas want a bigger growl
Mufuckas need a damn patrol
I been slippin' through all kinda bullshit
이제 잊었어 나의 출신
All suckers wanna get it
Take a sip 그 잔에 부어 말없이
All the suckers wanna hit it
Ima lead you to the heaven 불어 피리
All my friends wanna get around in O’s
All my friends wanna take another pose
Yeah, I'm knocked out, what a bullshit
Mufucka, want a doom shit (Get the fuck down!)
No more goofin' around, I want cool shit
Ima stay calm when they come up with that new shit
그저 붙여 이 모닥불의 불씨
친구들은 모여 내 주위 하나둘씩
Get high, get fire, we in saudi
Let me go ape, get down with the party
Yeah, I'm knocked out, mufucka, what a bullshit
(Get the fuck down!)
걍 쳐들어 가 불시에

みんな友達ここで踊りましょう (踊りますright now)
みんな友達ここで踊りましょう (踊りますright now)

Mufuckas wanna bigger growl
Mufuckas wanna take control
All my friends cryin’ in a row, you won’t get it
Free soul, you betta come up with it

Look, I step on the place and they yell, go figure
Watch Ima go all out for my hitta
I already told them Ima gorilla
Simz and RM, man, it don't get bigger
Catch me in the back with my g’s dem
Greet them with respect when you see them
Run me up a check, Ima need that
And give my co dee a stack

'Cause that's my dawg, that's my homie
You and I know I don’t do phoney
I set the tone, listen up closely
You know my name but you do not know me, I got
Got my broski’s back till the end
You can’t put one hand on my friend
We just here for a good time everyday
내 선은 넘지 못해

みんな友達, ここで踊りましょう (踊りますright now)
みんな友達, ここで踊りましょう
みんな友達, ここで踊りましょう (踊りますright now)
みんな友達, ここで踊りましょう
みんな友達, ここで踊りましょう (踊りますright now)
みんな友達, ここで踊りましょう