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  • Опубликовано: 2024-05-22 12:34:55
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Текст песни XG - WOKE UP

I've been here waiting lookin' at 'em
Tryna catch up take it how you wanna take it
Left the place in panic, left to take another planet
Left to make another statement
X-G, baby, say the names right
Spell it out so you can learn it
You can smell the tires when they turnin'
You can smell the fire when it's burnin'
You can tell we all made it work for us
Made it but we had to work for it
Work, work, work, so perfect
That it hurt, don't it? Surf on 'em
Right away, ride the wavе, ride away
'Cause we had thе right of way
Bye-bye-bye, flying past then we fly away into outer-space

Drop top in a coupe outside
When I hop up out of this plane
Look at my fit right now
When I just walked outta my bed
Fix my hair, fix my make-up on the way
Bound to the next stop
Bound for the great
Make 'em bow down to the X, uh