(G)I-DLE - 7Days

(G)I-DLE - 7Days
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  • Длительность: 03:18
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  • Опубликовано: 2024-01-29 13:40:17
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Текст песни

Текст песни (G)I-DLE - 7Days


I gotta say, Monday, Tuesday, or every day
Wednesday, Thursday
Seven days of forever
You're stuck in my head, spinning 'round, wishin' you'd stay here
Monday to Friday or every day
Saturday, Sunday
Let me love you forever
No matter the time, seven days like a dream forever

All the walls were crumbling down
Didn't want no one around
'Til you caught me out the blue
Now it feels like déjà vu
I know I'm a mess, but I need you so bad
No, the pain doesn't last but the memoriеs are gonna stay
Fallin' into you, yeah
Feelin' so true, yеah

I'm so obsessed with how you breathe
Nonsense is taking over me
You and I, birds of a feather
Stitched together, no lie